• 13 Apr, 2017 by Vyshnavi Dabbir
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Virtual Mobile Numbers – Bridging the communication gaps!

Anu’s Aunt: Anu has a neighboring aunt who uses the traditional way of getting a prepaid mobile recharge done. She visits the nearby shopkeeper who sends a message to the operating servers in a standard format and the recharge is done to Anu’s aunt.

Jay, a common man: Jay is stuck in a heavy traffic area without internet data on his mobile on a rainy day, waiting for a taxi or rickshaw to stop by, but all efforts in vain. He sends a message to the cab aggregator giant on a specified number and the cab arrives in short time.

A mobile wallet giant: An internet mobile wallet user sends a message for validation, and the company checks the authenticity of the details provided to validate and confirms the registration of the user upon validation.

A SaaS Company: A SaaS giant sends the user to subscribe for offers, the user sends a message for subscription and get offers as and when!

Arun, the splurger & nationalized bank: Arun is an impulsive shopper and doesn’t keep track of his account balance, so sends a message to the bank for balance enquiry, the banks responds for his request with a message.

Asha, the disappointed customer: Asha is disappointed with the product she ordered. She messages the e-commerce company on the provided number and the company looks in to the issue and resolves it.

Shruthi & service feedback: Shruthi wants to leave feedback on the agent’s service and sends a message to the company. The company reviews the feedback and appreciates the agent’s service.

Messaging is touching the lives of millions, ranging from common man to enterprises to multinational companies, only to transform them to have simplified means of communication.

To be in the  CpaaS industry providing messaging with high speed and scalability as a service, that bridges communication of our clients and their end users is the core objective. Long codes are enabling us to reach the objective quantitatively and qualitatively. But why did they choose us? Have a look:

  • 3000 messages per second
  • Fancy numbers that suits your range
  • Auto response features
  • Auto split for longer messages
  • keywords to distinguish multiple campaigns

Interested? Check out more features here!

Why are long codes used?

Long codes/ Virtual Mobile Numbers are 10 digit mobile numbers that are hosted on a server and are used as per the algorithm they are developed for.

Long codes are dedicated numbers that are accessed by a user. This makes them easy to track to the right resource. Unlike short codes, Long codes have international access and are taken for long term purposes.

Let’s have a look at some of the common purposes long codes are used for:

  1. Long codes are used for Voting on TV shows and radios. So the next time you send a message to your favourite FM, you know who you are buzzing!
  2. Long codes are used for product feedback, product know hows, campaigns and promotions (like best offers in town, cashback, Reward points, Agent service feedback etc.,)
  3. Long codes are used for transactional details (like account balance, last transaction details etc)
  4. Feedback SMS for promotions (email feedback etc.,)
  5. Offline booking of cabs
  6. Validation or authentication purposes (like user registration etc)
  7. Mobile prepaid recharges (Sending a message to server)
  8. Responsive systems to online tools or software packages, mobile applications etc., (Online Contests)
  9. SMS to email (like send an SMS to get an email on transactions)
  10. 2 way messaging services (Conversational messages like mobile recharge information etc.,)

So why wait?

Get a Virtual mobile number now!

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