Txtly does astonishing things to your SMS Campaigns!

Short Link. Big Information...

Without proper tracking and analysis, you'll be just guessing the true success of your campaigns. Why Guess?

 A perfect tool to engage your users consistently and reliably and measure the success of your campaigns. Txtly allows you shorten a URL and use it on your sms campaigns. It tracks, in real-time, the clicks you get on the URL and presents you real time performance metrics. Using Txtly increases CTR from your msg content and drives users to your website or Mobile app.

Amazing features and functions you will rely on!

Custom shortened link

Custom shortened link

A custom shortened link is great for building a business brand, as readers know exactly where it will lead them. Enter the desired word on the token field to create your customized short links for your side and share branded URLs using Txtly.

Drive Engagement

Drive Engagement

Txtly short URL's drives your audience to the webpage or a portion on your mobile app. Using Txtly increases CTR from your content and makes the first step to consumers engagement on your site.


Real Time Analytics

Txtly delivers real time performance that include total clicks on the url, recipient’s mobile number, device and browser of the recipient, date and time of the url click along with browsing behaviour on the site.

How It Works

Extraordinary tool

Extraordinary tool that makes your sms campaigns so much meaningful!

  • Get demographics of recipient mobile
  • Better presentation of SMS campaigns
  • Re-direct your users to mobile optimized landing pages
  • Drive efficiency and performance of your SMS Campaigns
  • Capture responses via clicks
  • Better lead generation tool
  • Better optimization of your click-through campaigns


Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Know your customers better than they know themselves. Get a unified view of each customer’s click on a single dashboard. Our platform tracks the customer mobile number, device details, browser and the platform of the recipient.

We analyze the value of each CTR and present them to you.