• 30 Mar, 2015 by Sharan R
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Telltale signs of a bad SMS campaign.

“Co.XXX: Thanks for your interest in XXXX! Your local area dealers still have great offers. Reply w/ur full name 2 B contacted. Msg+Data rate apply. Stop=Optout”

How would you react if this text were to arrive on your phone? In fact, I bet your phone is within eyesight right now. Is it? Because so many of us keep our phones close by, the time between when text messages are received and read is probably seconds! However, many companies are making mistakes with their SMS marketing programs such as the one text above.

The issue is that many marketers don’t think of SMS the same way they think of other promotional channels. You wouldn’t send the same email to your subscribers every single week, would you? And you cannot send long and explicit details when it comes to text because you would spend lots and end up annoying consumers.

Here we will talk about the signs of a bad SMS marketing strategy and avoid them:

  1. Similar offers – if we get the same offer via every channel, why should we subscribe? 20% off on Monday, again a 20% off on Tuesday, same for Wednesday, rest assured the point is clear and your customer will know what’s planned for the rest of the week.
  1. Not including relevant data like
  • Displaying additional carrier costs“Msg&Data Rates May Apply.”
  • A resource such as a phone number or website where subscribers can reference all terms and conditions and
  • Instructions on cancelling or opting-out of the service“Text STOP to stop”.
  1. Shuffling lowercase and uppercase letters in a keyword are never a good idea, as shifting between the two letter sets is confusing for some mobile users. The key to any SMS campaign is to make 2-way SMS as easy as possible.
  1. Random selection of keywords which are not be related to your product or service in any way! With keywords, you always want them to have some relevance to your product, industry, company brand, etc. Diamond City Smoothie has an SMS campaign with keywords “Alltxt DDD1″ that has no relevance to anything.
  2. Avoid hype, slang and abbreviations. If the content of your message looks like spam, readers will delete it without a second thought. It’s critical that you leave out anything that might seem too slick and promotional.

For example:

“Amazing prices at www.abcbags.com almost 2G2BT. Miss these prices AYOR.”


“Hey! Did you see this sale? www.abcbags.com. Gotta get your bag before it’s too late.”

Remember that finding the right messages for your audience will take time and experimentation. But the tips and examples above should help you achieve your goals of getting noticed and making some sales. And for the rest Solutions Infini is here with great plans and support to further your marketing!