• 07 Mar, 2018 by Pooja AV
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Solutions Infini App available on Zapier Now!

Solutions Infini has been listed on Zapier marketplace which enables using of Solutions Infini messaging platform with 750+ applications seamlessly.

Create your own Zaps through Solutions Infini to shoot SMS notifications for automatic triggers happening on third party applications to increase your visibility and conversion rates at the ease of using Zapier.

Zapier is a workflow automation tool and members can create automation between more than 400+ apps by using Triggers and Actions. Triggers and Actions are basically the building blocks of Zapier. Each Trigger and Action combo makes a Zap.

Let’s see in detail What is a Trigger and Action.

What is a Trigger?

A Trigger is any event that sets your Zap in motion. Some examples of Triggers include a new saved/favorite Tweet on Twitter, a new email in Gmail, or a new note in Evernote, Follower notification on Social Media handles like Instagram.

What is an Action?

An Action is an event that’s completed in a second app automatically.

Actions can be explained as when customer wants to include Sending message to a group of numbers using Solutions Infini, Appending text to a note in Evernote, Adding a new spreadsheet row in a Google Doc, or Creating a new card in Trello.

How to set up Solutions Infini-Zapier Integration?

  • Search ‘Solutions Infini’ App from the plethora of Apps available at Zapier.
  • Select appropriate Trigger and Action to get started

Items required after selecting Triggers and Actions:

An active Solutions Infini Global Account

  1. API key
  2. Sender ID
  3. An active access to Zapier account

Setting up Solutions Infini on Zapier

1. Login to your Zapier account

2. Click on “Make a Zap” Or select any app(s) and look at their automation suggestions. Choose any of the respective zap combo by clicking on ‘Use this zap’.


3. Choose App: Choose any Trigger App, configure the Triggers and respective account. Search for “Solutions Infini” as an ‘Action’ app from the search bar and click on Continue!


4. Choose Action: Once you have chosen the app, you need to choose one Action which Solutions Infini needs to perform.

a. ‘Send Message to a group’: Choose this to send message to a group of numbers.  Please note to send Messages creating group on your Global account is mandatory.

b. ‘Send Message’: Choose this to send SMS notifications to number(s).

After choosing any action, click on “Save+Continue” button.


5. Choose Account: Choose an account to which you want to send a Message. Use “Connect an Account” if you do not have an associated account or want to connect some other account. You will be redirected to ‘Authentication page’ to input your account API key. Click on ‘Test’ button to check if account is authenticated or not. After choosing any of the connected accounts, click on ‘Continue’ button to redirect to Templates page.

6. Set Up Template:  Compose the Message in the template format as depicted below. Enter the required details in the following fields:

a. Sender ID: Choose Sender ID associated from your SI Global account.

b. To Number: Type number(s) to whom SMS notifications should be sent whenever any trigger happens

c. Message: Enter the message you want to send

d. Unicode: Unicode message allows to send messages in languages other than English. Enter message in a language of your choice and Solutions Infini will convert your message to the desired language. Choose ‘Auto’ option to let us check your message and convert your message automatically in your specific language.

e. Flash: Choose ‘Yes’ option if you want to send your SMS notification as a flash message. Flash SMS generally appears on recipient`s Home screen, if he accepts then only it goes to user Inbox.

Click on “Continue” button to further test your zap.

7. Test this step: This step allows you to test the process and to check for glitches, if any. Please note that this is just a demo process for your Action configured. If your zap is working fine and tested successfully, then click on ‘Finish’ button. Now, name your zap and activate it by clicking on toggle button. You can turn your zap ON or OFF on the respective zap anytime.

You can create Zaps using any of your desired apps from the list by following similar steps configured according to the Apps chosen and Automate your processes.

Solutions Infini app integration with Zapier just makes it easier for our customers to automate their workflows and achieve faster results which a huge step ahead towards Marketing Automation!