• 22 Jan, 2015 by Sharan R
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SMS: A step to the CRM summit.

So the Question arises now what is next big thing about SMS? Well, what if we consider the after sales and the security concerns in the scenario with the obvious CRM plays; sometimes they fall more in the course of Internet of Things. The common thing is that we have brought some element of value-add to the standard plain vanilla text message. The inbound text messaging a.k.a 2 Way messaging (Sending and Receiving) another kin of SMS would do help along in relieving the customers hope! It is unbreakable, highly engaging and interactive way where you can get the immediate reply to the requests made. In the present world, we live on information-centric, may be short and accurate we want it faster. With the extensive mobile reach out, the primary thing with every company is to be proactive i.e. make your customers wait onto your text message and get engaged with you. Send a text before they even have a chance to leave and try your competitor Thus how the loyalty gets born.


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