SMS Short/Long codes are a great marketing strategy for inbound customer interaction.

SMS Short/Long Code

Use sms short codes to seal your Identity, Long codes are ideal for long term marketing campaigns.

Short codes a great way to send out a burst of messages in matter of seconds. It is a great A2P messaging platform with a great throughput coupled with an option of shared and dedicated code. It works seamlessly and has glitch free delivery. SMS Short codes are great way to seal your brand identity. 

A Long code if you are going global or even if you are keeping it local! If you are looking for an easy set up at the most frugal costs go LONG CODE! Long codes will be up and running within 24 hrs. Its very scalable when it comes to handling huge message volumes. It's a great P2P messaging platform for voice, text and fax.

Keywords also play a predominant role in bridging the ways in which customer can interact with the company. These are nothing complex but a unique word or a phrase which can be used by the customers to share an opinion with the help of a short code. This feature comes with a diversity of utilities as you can directly enrol a customers in your database in case they send opt in message. Keywords also gives the efficacy to monitor which of the marketing advertisements actually prove to be more effective and accordingly restructure the marketing campaigns.

Amazing SMS Short/Long Code features and functions you will rely on!

3K messages

3K messages per second

Our powerful gateways process one - one requests at 3k SMS per second enabling you to sustain speedy delivery round the clock


Bi-Directional Unicode

Send and Receive using variable length character encoding and diversify your approach to customers instantly



Intelligently lines up for concurrent message requests for systematic approach and implementations across the platform


Dynamic Delivery

Make your own application with the dynamic APIs and integrate your platform with power packed communication system


Virtual Number

Choose from the range of fancy numbers that suits you well and leave a mark with interaction.


Global Coverage

Expand your scope of reach with availability in many countries across the globe


Auto Reply

Set an auto response message and ensure your customer gets acknowledged when he sends opt in message round the clock.



Make most out of your SMS campaigns by bridging a way out between the customers and the company.



Use keywords that are unique and ensure zero clash between different campaigns and smooth information capturing.