• 17 Feb, 2015 by Sharan R
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SMS – Makes the government-citizen communication super easy!

Today, there are a bunch of media to choose from, but it leaves a question of ‘will it work?’ we say it depends on the time and reachability. In the vast country India like which has more than 900 million mobile subscribers. Government can ease up their vital communications to its citizens with mobile text messaging. Also, the general availability of SMS — those 160-word characters exchange on mobile phones — from the most basic handsets to the most feature-rich makes text messaging the lowest common denominator for information dissemination.

Adopting SMS technology, government agencies can make public information and services accessible to the population anytime and anywhere (A single computer to millions of mobile phones). The two-way communications are achieved with the general population, besides being speedy info-giver, it also cuts down waste. It is the ideal tool for mGovernment (mobile government) in an age where every citizen is mobile. The local and central governments have recognized the power of SMS back in 2013 and has approved SMS as an official document.

Zipping to the things SMS can do government in emergency management, political campaigns, Employment news, Education sectors, nationalized banks, tax returns, lottery, diplomacy, transportation, library work and health care.

  • Emergency management: Take in the cases in the weather related natural calamities like cyclones, tsunami and other such which government can predict in advance, in such cases SMS-based warning system can help alerting officials in administration, district magistrates/collectors besides fishermen, farmers and general public.
  • Political campaigns: Encourage voters to opt into SMS alerts. Send them a reminder of elections, voting bank venues, anticipated quotes & greetings from politicians.
  • Tax department: Another important government sector to keep each and every citizen informed on a high priority basis. Send Reminders to pay property & income, exercise taxes. There are plans now to send property bills on mobile via SMS and then let the recipient pay online.
  • Internationally: There is equally creative use of SMS. Among the many uses of the channel are voter turnout calls, municipal tasks, property taxes, immigration alerts, motor vehicle registration confirmation and service outages.
  • Police Department: Traffic police can issue paperless tickets, bills via SMS instead of a huge pile of slips and back to back reminder on the fine payments & deadlines.
  • Transportation sector: India’s transportation is a way broader compared to others. Emergency information like delays, changes in schedule & departure time, news and etc.
  • Education: SMS Alerts to students on CAT, IIT, and CET and more exams, about exam date & time and exam center. Those consumers whose entries were accepted would receive once-weekly SMS alerts about the books and the State Library.
  • Sending SMS Alerts on water cuts and power failures in the region.
  • Adding a level of authentication via SMS for government website registration.
  • Banking & Insurance: SMS notifications on account related activities, generating OTP passwords, ATM related transactions, Alerts about monthly installments and schemes, payment received and more…

This opens the door for citizens to have their voice heard and effect change in the services they receive and the direction of government.


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