• 14 Sep, 2015 by Vyshnavi Dabbir
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SMS ! The champion of Enterprise Messaging

The world is changing with every passing day. Tectonic plates shift, sky scrapers are built and new technological advances are made with every tick of the clock. Technology thrives today. Communication technology has evolved beyond leaps and bounds. It’s a wonder how communication has undergone this paradigm shift . Voices reach every nook and corner of the world with just a 1 centimeter metal chip! The wonder of communication is marvelous. Today, the world is expectant of the dawn of the Internet of Things. The surprising yet un-debatable fact is the survival of SMS amid these myriad of communication advancements. It marked its advent early in the 1992, it is a two decade old technologise y and is still booming.

SMS completely changed the direction of the new millennium. Cellular phones triumph toothbrushes when it comes to basic necessity in life. Text messaging is the new gen mantra. It is no surprise that SMS is the second most used feature on the phone after calling. SMS is the mother of Social Media apps. Booming apps like Twitter, Whatsapp messenger, Facebook messenger, Google chat were all formulated from the idea of SMS. If we start talking numbers, 350 billion SMSs are exchanged worldwide each month. As per the study in 2007, over 200000 messages are sent every second! Any text message sent is read under four minutes of receiving it. If this is the case, it might now all fall into picture why SMS is the most preferred marketing tool. Businesses, E-commerce stores, financial institutions or any institution of any discipline use SMS to service customers and grab their attention. At Solutions Infini we believe in providing perpetual SMS services to businesses of any size to bolster their marketing. SMSs are a great way to indulge customers in the latest products, offers and discounts. SMS are a great way to maintain a healthy CRM, track tickets and keep your staff up to date. SMS can range upto 1000 characters. It is a short and concise way to communicate with your customers. SMS have a myriad of use cases ranging from a simple text to your friend to getting your blood report, keeping track of your bank balance and confirming your train tickets.

If you think SMS, think SI. We are Asia’s leading SMS solutions provider. We cater our services anywhere and have the lengthiest list of network operator partnerships. In our years of expertise we have had both happy customers and operators alike. We make sure the SMS you send gets the fastest delivery rate. If you are banker use our gateway to provide M-banking to your customers, or if you are a business employ SI’s SMS gateway to keep your CRM in check and if you are a Webstore exploit out gateway in sending your latest deals and offers to your customers via SMS. We make sure our solutions are the best , we help integrate your database to our gateways with smart API’s , we offer numerous plugins to get the most out of your direct marketing. You name it and we have it. So, gear up and start discovering the power of SMS marketing!


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