Plugins are best ways to extend and adds specific feature to an existing applications for better customization.

We have launched new plugins that will help your business.


Magento is a powerful e-commerce script that helps create catalogues and maintain them. Integrating SI's plugin with Magento makes management easy and keeps your customers happy. Our plugin sends out SMSs containing details of orders and these SMSs can also be used to help alert your customers about the shipment details of their order. This way your customer can rest assured!

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Prestashop is a professional shopping cart management system.It helps create coupons, vouchers and custom discount codes. Its vital that every web store keeps its customers on the hook. By integrating SI's plugin with Prestashop you can send out SMS vouchers and coupon codes that will keep your customers excited and wanting more.


Zoho is a popular suite of web-based apps that boosts collaboration and productivity. It triumphs over the various CRM plugins out there. Integrating SI's plugin with Zoho will help manage your leads and track the status of potential customers by sending out SMS notifications between the service, sales and resource teams of your CRM. This is a seamless way to grab customers and maintain a smooth functioning CRM.

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Every business has to deal with the hassle of maintaining an efficient CRM. This is quite the ordeal. Integrating SIs plugin with Vtiger not only makes your CRM function smoothly but also keeps you on track with instantaneous alerts and notification on potential leads and tickets via SMS. These SMSs will keep your CS, SFA and SMM posted.

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Woo Commerce is a powerful and dynamic e-commerce plugin that will potentially help sell anything! Integrating SI with Woo commerce will aid your business in sending out quick SMS notifications to your customers pertaining delivery-status and transaction. This also a smart way to indulge your customers in your latest offers and discounts.

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Sugar CRM is an intuitive and flexible CRM that helps in efficiently engaging customers. Incase you are hunting for impressive end results you should try integrating SI's plugin with SugarCRM . This will allow your CRM department to make smart decisions by providing them consistent tip offs on potential leads and tickets.

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The Outlook plugin is dynamic and helps keep e-mail in check. By integrating SI's plugin with Outlook you can manage your e-mails smartly. You get SMS notifications about your upcoming appointments & calendar events. Each time you get a new mail in your inbox you get a notification via SMS. All the incoming text messages you receive will be stored in your Outlook inbox. Important e-mails can be sent to you as SMS. This way you have your own personal assistant!

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Any Institution, for instance schools, universities, banks or stock markets that deal with huge number of people can employ Excel integrated with the SI plugin to send out SMS alerts in bulk in matter of seconds by using the row-column selection feature. The best prospect of this integration is the non-requirement of any extra application. SMS can directly be sent from the spread sheet that you are working on by just a click of a button!

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