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We believe in our goals and we work hard to make sure that we stay on top of the game. We have a great team of smart, creative and acute thinkers who are fascinated by the expanding mobile connectivity and want to be a part of its making. Our work speaks for itself. The awards have just kept coming. Since its start, back in 2009, Solutions Infini has kept adding feathers to its hat year after year and has now grown into a global, multi-million dollar company.

At Solutions Infini we share our success. We believe that our company grows with its team. Our team-leads are both resourceful and quick-witted and ensure that while you work and endeavor to reach your potential, fun is not jilted! We invest in our employees by giving them frequent training so that their skill set remain neoteric. Solutions Infini is a home ground for building a career and not a job!

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