Loyalty Programs


Payback is India's largest loyalty program. It presents many advantages over traditional, stand-alone customer loyalty schemes restricted to one brand or company only. The power of PAYBACK stems from pooling loyalty benefits from many attractive partners: Using one single card, members earn loyalty points when they shop at a wide range of different merchants and brands - offline and online.

In order to fetch more customers, Payback traditionally used to do their marketing campaigns through offline print media marketing, email marketing, etc. Additionally, they used the traditional messaging approach to support the information delivery process to their clients. But, being a multidisciplinary player in the market, it was tough handling for them to manage the big database manually. They wanted an advance tool that can well define the information deliverables at a very high pace, in their various segments. They also needed an integrated platform that would let them send promotional and transactional messages to their clients.

Our Infibuzz SMS solution opened an entirely new avenue for them in terms of reach and guaranteed delivery. Using the infibuzz, Payback automated the process of sending out greetings and anniversary wishes to their customers on a daily basis. The Alerts Push SMS solution helped them to send all information pertaining to points earned and redeemed through their loyalty program and information related to individual transactions to their customers.

The Infibuzz SMS solutions from Solutions Infini enabled Payback to send as much as 1.2 million transactional SMS and 27 million promotional messages to their target audience on a monthly basis. The efficiency of this solution also ensured that more than 85% of transactional and 90% of their promotional messages were delivered within 1 minute of their deployment. The load sharing through multiple routes by the Infibuzz SMS platform ensured that the delivery rates were always high making sure that their communications were always delivered all the time. The employment of the Infibuzz SMS solution also helped Payback increase their customer base through targeted messaging