• 17 Mar, 2017 by Vyshnavi Dabbir
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The outlook on Indian startup ecosystem

There are around 19,000 technology startups in India till date. Around 2800 startups have been incorporated in the past two years and around 1000 of them couldn’t succeed. Why? Is the Indian ecosystem to be blamed? Let’s have a look.

Take on entrepreneurs

We have seen young entrepreneurs emerging in the global market who have not only marked their success but also made their every move felt. India has tremendous young talent and they are ready to take bigger risks. They are ready to create, innovate and make a difference to the way world functions, which is by bounds a positive sign!

Commit – Learn – Grow!

Unlike the stalwarts in their respective fields, young entrepreneurs are backed by loads of talent but they lack in industry experience. The young entrepreneur’s trump-card is purely  their impeccable talent and extraordinary zeal to make a difference. They commit mistakes, unlike the veterans, but that’s okay. Because it’s only through the mistakes and failures that one learns and grows. All the mistakes doesn’t matter in the end, when you achieve your goals, what matters then, is the way you transformed the worldly functions.

The young entrepreneur is ready to make mistakes, and his only mantra is “Commit – Learn – Grow”!

Failure – What’s your take on it?

The moment we see failure as a block, it blocks us, our thinking and ultimately our growth. What’s more essential is to not fail to understand failure. Yes, failure is intimidating. It’s challenging. Especially in the present day high competition, failure is arduous. But failure isn’t invincible. With right strategy and positive approach failure is definitely beatable.

It’s predominant to notice that out of 2800 startups, 1000 startups failed. But it’s also evident that around 1800 startups have sustained in the highly competitive segment and the success ratio is elatedly higher, giving scope to accommodation of more startups.

Back in 2009, We at Solutions Infini had faced many failures during inception and we proudly acknowledge that we learnt from the repercussions to be what we are today. Failure is persistent, but the way startups deal with it can make significant difference to the whole Indian ecosystem.

Today when our client Stayzilla is in nerve-wracking situation due to failure, we would be elated to recall our experience with them.

Stayzilla- The client who “stay” in our hearts!

It was a great experience knowing through Stayzilla that startups in India can transform lives in the simplest possible ways. For a startup to expand into a giant with 55,000 home-stay options in 4000 towns in such short span of  time is commendable.  Stayzilla has not only revolutionized the travel stay bookings but also yielded a new direction to backpackers and travel lovers, to explore convenient, comfortable  home-stay options by making them feel at ‘home’. Let’s have a throwback at their journey till date.

  • 2005: Stayzilla was initially incepted as Inasra Technologies and expanded its services to over 200 cities
  • 2010: Company re-branded as “Stayzilla” and captured the market size of up to USD 8 Million
  • 2012: Stayzilla expanded to over 600 cities with 4000 hotels
  • 2014: They had expanded to 1100 cities with over 15000 hotels
  • 2015: They launched their mobile app and the expansion figures reached to 25000 accommodation points in 12000 towns.
  • 2016: Familiar names from the industry like Pankaj Gupta (Ex Twitter director) and Gopalakrishnan (from goibibo.com) joined Stayzilla in senior positions

It was back in 2013 when Stayzilla recognized our services and decided to be a part of our esteemed clientele.Way back then to till date, they have been prompt not only to the transactions but also with their transparent systems.

We are glad that we could offer them our services. Solutions Infini wants to thank Stayzilla for their professional integrity and cooperation they extended to our services. We would like to extend unsolicited support to them in the crisis and wish them best in all their efforts.


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