• 30 Jul, 2015 by Vyshnavi Dabbir
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Opt-services, a customer elective messaging scheme!

Opt- services revolve around permissions given and denied by the customer to brands that use direct marketing campaigns to send them promotional or service messages. In simple words opt -in and opt-out services constitute “permission marketing”. Opt-in service is an active permission granted by the person to receive promotional and notification e-mails and SMS from a particular marketer. This way the marketer grabs the information of the subscriber to send them SMS and e-mails until the subscriber actively opts-out from it. Opt-out service is an instruction issued by the recipient of marketing messages to be un-subscribed from receiving them in the future. Opt-in messages in your inbox generally originate from your bankers, e-commerce sites, retailers and the weekly periodicals that you are subscribed for. But in todays greedy marketing methods there is no way to be sure that the information you handed over to the marketer when you subscribed will not be shared or misused. This dearth for transparency has made e-mail which is one of the most powerful marketing means crumble under constant abuse trough spamming. In order to decimate such spamming, opt services are employed.

Most web stores that you make purchases from will implicitly opt you in for their marketing campaigns. A fair share of recipients are in pickle when they open their inbox as they do not remember when, how or where they shared their personal information. They are usually in a frenzy to opt-out. The worst thing any enterprise can end up with is an angry customer. This can be resolved by opt-in and double opt-in lists. This way the user actively chooses to be in your subscriber list by sending out a text message to a short or long code number specified by you at the time of signing up for your service or at the time of purchase and delivery. Another hassle free way to get people to opt-in for your campaigns is through missed calls. At SI we provide missed call solutions. This is a smart way to get in touch with customers. We disconnect the incoming customer call and call them right back. Besides, who doesnt like free service! We provide customized IVR that will help guide your customers in every step. We also have text to speech recognition that works seamlessly. Customers can sign up with you in no time and keep themselves posted on your latest deals. This way, getting lazy customers who seem to have an appetite for your deals and offers to subscribe can be arranged under a minute.

Double Opt-in is a more transparent and offers a twofold surety that the user is ready to subscribe for your campaigns by sending them a confirmatory text message regarding their subscription. Once this is done they submit to accepting your notifications via SMS or a missed call, and you can continually indulge them in your latest deals and offers . But this is a sluggish way to build your list. These days its lucky if you get interested parties to go through one step of confirmatory action, let alone two !

Opt-out services have a buried set of advantages.Opt-out services are actually a clever way to bolster your marketing campaigns. With various marketing campaigns vying for opt-ins you may think an opt-out targeted campaign is a death march, but its actually a great way to re-engage your customers. It will show them that you are actually paying attention. A recent survey has revealed that 90% of the text messages sent are read within 4 minutes of receiving them. An SMS opt-out campaign will help your business skyrocket in matter of minutes. At Solutions Infini we have smart APIs that will easily integrate with your data base and start sending out Opt-out messages of your choice in no time. Our product LOOKUP performs a thorough HLR-lookup and will help validate your potential audience and ensure that your resources are not wasted on uninterested parties. Opt-out SMS campaigns can be initiated the end of season while attractive discounts are up for grabs. This campaign will obviously unsubscribe them. But these Opt-out messages can be clubbed with a cleverly crafted subject line that will grab the customers attention.



Opt-out campaigns are a fantastic way to build your subscriber lists. In fact it’s the most quick way. But as all smart tactics Opt-out has a downside too. Recipients of your opt-out  message may not remember signing up with you. This may make you charlatan in their books and your messages may end up in the junk after all. Since business is all about taking risks Opt-out SMS campaigns are worth the risk !


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