With their ever-increasing popularity and their massive customer base, Myntra.com was looking for a communication channel that would help them keep their customers and prospects informed about new offers, exclusive deals, addition of brands, new releases and all other promotional communication related to their products and merchandise. With the dipping performance of conventional email marketing methods, the channel that they choose had to ensure maximum coverage and guaranteed delivery.

Myntra.com selected the industry-leading Push SMS platform from Solutions Infini to help them convey their promotional content to their customers and prospects. Myntra.com first encouraged website visitors to sign up on their portal using their existing email or social media accounts. They also asked visitors to furnish their mobile numbers while signing up. This ensured that their prospects willingly received promotional information from Myntra directly on their mobile phones.

The Infibuzz SMS platform from Solutions Infini ensured that all of their promotional messages were sent and delivered to registered customers only. The platform also ensured that Myntra would stay well within mobile marketing regulations by discouraging unsolicited spam messages.

The easy-to-use Infibuzz SMS platform enabled Myntra to send customized messages to their intended recipients accurately and on time. The Infibuzz SMS application enables Myntra to send more than 6.4 million promotional SMS across the country every month. The multiple routing of SMS ensured more than 82% of the SMS sent were delivered within 1 minute of their termination.

The employment of the Infibuzz SMS solution by Myntra has helped them discover an entirely new and completely efficient solution to delivering their promotional content to their customers and prospects. This method also help increase customer engagement and in-turn helped them increase web traffic to their online fashion portal.