In this day and age, what is the quickest and most direct way for businesses to reach out to the audience?
The answer is quite short and simple.


The online messaging platform to send the promotional content SMS, real-time transactional and customized SMS. The powerful gateways delivers the SMS before you bat of an eye. We call our SMS messaging platform as INFIBUZZ

Our enterprise messaging solution Infubuzz integrates with any database, allowing companies to automate their SMS notifications delivery. It is used by dozens of ecommerce companies, Logistics, food restaurants, transportation companies and retailers around the world. The Powerful plug and play APIs easily jazz up your application with quick and simplified SMS notifications.

Amazing features and functions you will rely on!


Inbuilt campaigner allows you to enjoy build SMS marketing campaigns

Batch Scheduler

Simplify the large SMS into
batches and schedule it


Make and store your own long lasting messaging templates

DND lookup

Check the numbers for DND in the application and optimize your SMS wastage

Analytics and Reporting

Peep into the detailed analytics and exhaustive real time reports for all your messaging campaigns and activities


Make the message in your own language


Make contact groups in a very simplified manner


Send by combining two or more messages into one

Opt in, Opt out

The process is automated and easily customized. Run SMS campaigns smoothly and professionally.

Email to SMS

Convert your email into a text message and deliver it. Improves your business process.


Easily configure notification emails that are sent to you on Daily, Weekly & Monthly based usage.

SMS to RSS feed

Receive SMS messages when an RSS feed is updated. Get alert when a new feed is updated.

Take a round through the wonders of Infibuzz...

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