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Onze Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., based out of Bangalore, works at building the best Location Based Services in India. Their pioneer product, aptly named Latlong, enables users to find a location in a city or driving directions to a desired location by sending an SMS request. This enables users to have an SMS powered GPS system that does not require internet connectivity - thus bringing the advantages of GPS to anyone with a basic mobile phone.

Latlong required an SMS-enabled system that would help them bridge the gap between their users requests and their location databases. This system was desired to have an excellent integration capability and the ability to send back dynamic and accurate responses.

Latlong adopted the Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) solution from Solutions Infini to handle their locations and directions requests.
Solutions Infini provided them with a completely virtual mobile number that would receive incoming messages and sync these requests with the Latlong application. Customers who needed directions had to send an SMS with the format From To to the virtual mobile number and receive directions instantly on their mobile phone in the form of an SMS. Tracking a location was also made possible by sending an SMS with the format Near to the virtual mobile number. The users would instantly receive their desired location via SMS.

Using the Infibuzzsms solution, Latlong now receives over 100 unique location requests a month. The Infibuzz service was easily integrated with the Latlong location finder platform and continues to function with more than 99% uptime.