• 03 Apr, 2017 by Vyshnavi Dabbir
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Integration of our plug-in to world’s No.1 commerce platform – Magento!

What’s a Plug-in and how does it work?

A plugin is a functional software feature that can be embedded to your website and enables you to add additional functionalities. They are mostly written in programming languages like PHP.

Have you ever wondered if you could magically send messages to your target audience with a template on a single platform? Have you ever wanted the tracking system to be simple yet effective? Have you ever wished to schedule messages for all similar transactions only once?

Well then, Solutions Infini’s plug in does precisely the same. Solutions Infini’s Plug-in, which when integrated to your website, enables you to send messages to the end users seamlessly.

All about Magento

8 years ago, Varien Inc developed an open-source e-commerce software that was coded in PHP and later sold it to eBay in 2010. Today, the open source e-commerce software, familiarly known as “Magento” has captured over 2,50,000 merchants across the world who deploys it for their business needs. With 1,50,000 developers and 300+ highly trained solution partners, there’s no looking back for Magento ever since.

Magento is known for its customizable options in enterprise Cloud based omnichannel solutions, Commerce order management and Business intelligence. Famous for their CMS systems and shopping cart solutions, Magento 2.0 has an integrable platform for all the e-commerce needs.

SMS Campaigns and reports

Plug in integrations have been quite resourceful to deploy our functional use on a third party platform. To deploy SMS successfully on your software, all you need to do is, integrate our plug in with your platform.

What does our plug-in do?

Solutions Infini’s plug in can successfully and seamlessly deliver messages on the following activities in Magento.

  1. When a new order is placed
  2. When an order is kept on hold
  3. When an order is released
  4. When an order is complete
  5. When an order is cancelled
  6. When an order is closed
  7. When an order is edited- cancel of the previous order and new order placing message is sent.
  8. On reordering the product
  9. On raising an invoice
  10. On shipment of the order

Create Message templates

For all the above mentioned activities, you can create a default message template format, and each time an activity takes place, the template is customized  accordingly and sent.

There’s also an option where you can edit/format/delete/recreate the existing template. Additionally, you can also use replaceable variable inputs for a default message template (like date, name etc.,).

Tracking metrics gets handy!

The process doesn’t end with triggering messages. Our Plug-in enables you to access real-time metrics that’ll help you take rational, actionable decisions that’ll drive better conversions and hence better revenues!

Have a look at some of the insights we provide:

  1. Overall SMS sent
  2. Average delivery time
  3. Location wise count
  4. SMS length count
  5. Sender delivery count

Adding to these, there are more behavioral and traceable metrics to aid your business decisions.

How is the plug-in integrated to Magento?

The back-end process

To integrate the plug in to your software, enter the gateway URL, API Key and Sender ID URL (our representative provides), in to your Magento admin account, clear the cache, re-index the application & you’re all set to go!

How does it work?

Our API enables you to access our application through your platform. This integration helps you send messages on every user activity. Have a look at the UI.

Solutions Infini

Magento Plugin


How does it make the process easier?

Adding value to the process

  • The process becomes organized due to the standard template format and automated activity recognition
  • Plug in adds value to the existing process without altering your interface
  • Plug-ins automatically detect the event and trigger a message hence reducing manual effort
  • Sit back and relax, as the chances of missing out on sending a message, post any activity are totally null

Ease of access

  1. With plug-ins in hand, it’s easy to automate the process of ‘sending messages – tracking – decision making-sending messages again’.
  2. Access is way easier than before as the process is done ‘all-in-all’ on one platform, so that you don’t have to switch between applications.

Hassle free experience

  1. With plug-ins in play, it becomes handy to use the platform; all we need to do is create a message template. Whenever an activity is detected the messages are shot in one go.
  2. There are no hassles of remembering the customer counts or message counts. They are all tracked down and can be accessed on demand!
  3. There’s no need to schedule the template each time. One schedule can repeat every time on a similar activity.

For e.g: whenever an order is placed, order placed template is sent to the customer with replaceable variable inputs.

Less manual effort due to automation

  1. Due to high end automation there’s barely any activity that needs to be manually triggered. This enables smart work by drastically reducing the time and effort invested.

To know more about plug ins and how to deploy their use   get in touch with us!


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