• 11 Apr, 2017 by Vyshnavi Dabbir
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Integrating our plug-in to Excel for instant SMS

We’re back again with another super plug-in concept to send instant SMS from Microsoft Excel. The take away of this feature is that, when you upload data from your excel sheet, you have an option to directly compose the message to the audience from excel, hence reducing the effort to switching between our panel and excel. Also, you don’t have to manually upload the data from excel sheet in to our panel, as you are directly composing the message from the excel sheet; the data is all in there, on the same platform.

In case you missed out on how plug-ins help ease up the whole process, then go ahead and read it here. Let’s go deep into how we can use the plug-in to deliver best results:

How does the integration work?

The excel plug-in is integrated in our promo/alert panels. To access our UI through excel, the plug-in has to be downloaded and installed in your system from our panel.

To download the plug-in, login to our  promo/alert panel, click on Developer > Plugins> Microsoft Applications and click on download button. Have a look at pictorial reference below:

Solutions Infini- excel plugin

The excel plugin from promo/alerts panel

Once the plug-in is installed, you can access our UI in the Microsoft Excel sheet. Have a look at the image for our UI, below:

Solutions Infini Excel UI

The Solutions Infini Messaging panel in excel sheet

To send an SMS, click on Send Message tab as shown in the image above. The Messaging panel opens up where you can compose the message.

Solutions Infini- Sending SMS

Sending message through our plug-in in excel sheet

To send an SMS from excel panel, follow the instructions below:

  1. Enter a valid Sender ID in the Sender ID column
  2. Type the desired message in the Message body column
  3. Basing on the requirement, you can choose the characters from desired rows. For example, your message needs to be sent to audience from rows 1 to 250, then your input in the “From row” column is ‘1’ and “To row” column  is ‘250’.
  4. Subsequently, for your convenience, you can input a ‘range’ if not rows
  5. You can mark a tick if you want to send a Unicode message & Flash message in the respective boxes.
  6. If you are busy with a meeting at 5 PM, and the message has to be triggered at the same time, we have a life saver for you. You can schedule the messages for any desired timing. This saves you big time especially during odd hours like early morning or late night schedules!

It’s literally this simple to send a message from our plug-in through the excel sheet. But what are underlying advantages of using this plug-in? Have a look:

Advantages of using the plug-in

  1. Reduces time and effort: Using Solutions Infini’s plug-in through Microsoft Excel, reduces the amount of time and effort you spend on our panel, uploading the data from the excel sheet and composing a message.
  2. Multiple agent access: We do not hold on agent restrictions, hence any number of agents can use our plugin through excel for one Promo/Alerts account
  3. User friendly interface: The user friendly interface is quite self explanatory and doesn’t need dedicated training to learn, making it simple for new users also to access and send messages
  4. Credit Usage detailsAs and when the messages are sent, the credit details are automatically updated in the SI panel in the excel sheet, making it easier for you track the usage stats.
  5. Real time Messages: The messages sent through the excel plug-in are real time and doesn’t take any additional time to reach the target audience making this feature the most reliable one.
  6. Support feature: There’s also a ‘contact us’ icon that directly connects you with us, in case of difficulties in usage and other queries.

So what’s stopping you? Go ahead and use our plug-in and send messages directly from Microsoft Excel sheet

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