• 06 Apr, 2017 by Vyshnavi Dabbir
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Inbound chat messenger: The life saver for our customers

Sharma was upset because his query was left unanswered by the customer care team. He has requested for a call back and according to the company’s policies, they’ll take minimum of 48 hours to call back any customer. Sharma is upset that he’ll have to wait for 48 hours to resolve the query.

Many customers like Sharma face this issue of query resolution. The Customer care team is not the blame here as they handle heavy volumes of queries all day. On the larger scale, query resolution takes time because there are not many applications in the market that can give an instantaneous reply to the customer.

But, not anymore! In the present scenario where chatting is a inherited expend, Solutions Infini has come up with a simple solution for this concern by developing world-class chat application where you can chat directly through our interface. This is undoubtedly a sound success because, the app is built in-the application and clients can access it right from there!

So, what does this chat application do?

Gone are the days when tickets are manually raised for query resolution. With cutting edge technologies, today, we are able to deploy the best of the services to our customers, one of which is the chat application.

The chat application is completely inbuilt and allows you to chat with our representatives directly. The highlight of the app is that there’s no ticketing system where the customer is assigned a responsive ticket id that involves waiting time. This is just simple, this is instant!

How to use the chat application?

  1. To use the chat application, login to our promo/alerts interface with your credentials.
  2. Register for the chat by providing your details and you’re all set to go!
  3. The customer gets access to chat post registration and the agent replies after successful first chat.

Have a look at the chat interface below:

Chat Box

Solutions Infini’s chat application- simple, easy & reliable

The chat application is a hit because of the following reasons:

The Customer reasons!

  1.  Real time conversations: The app provides a real time engagement between the agent and the customer through which the customer will be able to interact and get the queries resolved instantly.
  2. Turnaround time: The ‘turnover time’ concept doesn’t apply here as the responses are immediate.
  3. Emergency management: There’s no waiting time for the customer, and this is a huge surplus in case of emergencies.
  4. No more pain points: This app is built to reduce the pain points of the customer like turnaround time, SLA, long phone calls, waiting for call to connect to agent, long IVR processes etc.,
  5. Most cost efficient system:This doesn’t cost a penny to the customer making this more preferable.
  6. Personal assistance: Unlike an email, you can directly get in touch with our agent for personal assistance.
  7. Reduces repetition: Redundant repetition can be avoided as the customer can see the response and doesn’t require additional support through repetition
  8. Avoid selling tactics: Isn’t it great relief when you don’t get to listen to relevant policies, offers that are merely redundant?

The Company’s perspective:

  1. Instant feedback: With the chat box in place, it’s easier to gather instant feedback and hence it’s easier to maximize the scope of improvement
  2. Review of support quality: It becomes easier to review the performance of the support agents and the service delivered. This feature enables the companies to not only understand about the service rendered but also the technical expertise of agents.
  3. Maximum support accountability The chat box features also enables you to handle queries with maximum accountability and minimum marginal error!
  4. Reduces Network latency:  Chat box feature requires lesser bandwidth and can run on lower network scales. They marginally have a lower latency than a HTTP/HTTPS page.
  5. Mobile friendly: The chat box is mobile friendly leaving no fuss of device specific users.
  6. Confidentiality: The best part about the chat application is the confidentiality as the app is built in house and no external third parties are involved. We made security a top notch feature!
  7. Smaller bundles of time: The time taken to resolve a query is comparatively lower than the phone calls and this is a huge boost for the companies!
  8. Addresses wider audience: This app allows you to address wider audience in a stipulated period of time when compared to traditional methods like phone calls or emails.
  9. Avoids Spam: Unlike emails, there are filters to register for the chat, companies need not worry about spammers. This automatically generates only genuine queries!

It goes without saying that the tool is easier to use. The Customer satisfaction is higher and the agent’s effort is minimized for each query.

So why wait? Stop ticketing; start chatting!

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