• 08 Mar, 2018 by Pooja AV
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Have you done your bit for #PressforProgress?

International Women’s Day, 2018, revolves around the theme of #PressforProgress!

Women’s day marks the celebration of social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women all over the world! With the 2017 report by World Economic Forum throwing light on the Global Gender Gap, this gender parity has been going on for over 200 years!

It’s time to motivate and #PressforProgress!

To all the men out there, let’s empathize, honour and stay committed to improve and provide a fine workplace for women. Let’s emphasize #PressforProgress every day and every step of the way!

We at Kaleyra, formerly known as Solutions Infini and Ubiquity, believe that “No matter where you are, who you are, we want to accelerate women’s equality by showing them the Respect they deserve.” It’s important not just one day in a year, but every day consistently. With an incredible 37% women workforce at Kaleyra, we believe in providing fair and equal work opportunities to every one of them!

We are of the collective opinion that gestures go a long way! While we know women are excellent at everything they do, we wanted to make their day a bit special!

Taking them on a gastronomical experience today, while they whip up a nutritious meal every day for the whole clan seemed only fair! 😊 It was a fun filled gathering with mouth watering dishes to gorge on, little did they know we had a gift planned for them as well!

We know they are extremely strong, can defend themselves and come out of any situation victoriously. To take an extra step towards their safety, all the women employees received SafeInCity customized wearable as gift for Women’s day!

The communications team at Kaleyra conducted a poll to know “What makes women choose Kaleyra as their workplace.” Right from honest to some humorous responses (Like Bournvita motivation), collectively all the women agreed that they love the work culture, supportive peers, employee friendly environment. They are proud to be associated with a brand that has a great reputation in the marketplace for innovative products, services and fantastic mentors who help them grow by providing unique growth opportunities extensively!

To make the men feel involved and inclusive, our communications team reached out to male employees in various teams to gather their opinion on “What do they feel women at workplace require the most?” With the Chief of Staff, CTO, MD and all the VPs in sync expressed “It is very important to provide a safe work environment, fair, equal opportunities, provide a solid mentoring system and above all Respect to women at workplace!”



The Chief of Staff, Filippo Monastra, expressed his heartfelt three-fold opinion on what women require the most, “While we need to value diversity and encourage it all the time, if we want to make our company a pool of talent attraction, we cannot afford any possibility of sexual discrimination. We need to grant the same opportunity to all, without any gender parity. Flexibility and focus on quality more than quantity, would help women achieve a fair work life balance. The third one is to ensure equality in career path and fairness of wages.”

Aniketh Jain, MD of Kaleyra, conveyed “In my experience, women have the innate ability to bring in simplicity into a situation which otherwise looks complex! They don’t need to be empowered, what they need is a platform that provides equal career opportunities.”

Keeping the #PressforProgress theme alive, CTO, Ashish Agarwal says “Women are strong souls, who are great multi-taskers, work under tremendous pressure, yet manage to be really creative and smart! They need a workplace where they should feel appreciated and motivated. Our main mantra is to foster an inclusive workplace where they can contribute ideas and prove their talent!”

All the women out there, are you listening? Let’s learn to ask for what we deserve and #PressforProgress!