• 22 Feb, 2018 by Pooja AV
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Get more with Infini’s SMS Dashboard!

We at Solutions Infini know how hard it is to maintain a log of all the messages triggered from your accounts! To make it seamless and provide easy access to our customers, we have reintroduced Dashboard for SMS accounts with updated features.

The new SMS dashboard is faster and provides our customers the required data in just a blink! SMS Dashboard can now give you detailed data from January 1, 2018.

What’s new?

While the dashboard is an old feature, the revamp has considerably increased the efficiency by 100%. ElasticSearch has made the new dashboard more agile. The open source, java-based RESTful search engine can search and index document files in diverse formats. In case of server crash, this search engine can easily recover data.

SMS data is synced on an hourly basis. Every one hour the data synced is shown on our SMS dashboard with swift display of SMS counts. The advanced features incorporated enables you to get a quick glance of SMS counts without further fetching for the same.

The interface of the new dashboard is aimed at being user-friendly and visually appealing for our customers.

What to expect?

The new Dashboard with advanced features provides data on:

SMS sent on the same day


SMS sent hourly


SMS sent weekly


SMS sent in current and previous month


  • View the Sender ID that is configured
  • Templates that have been configured
  • Graphical analysis of hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly traffic of SMS
  • Credits available in the account

The features provided by dashboard is essential in keep track of SMS triggered and helps in monitoring campaigns much effectively at one place.

What’s more?

We always want to go that extra mile and make our customers feel ecstatic about using our products and services offered. We strive hard to build a smooth user experience by constantly finding ways to incorporate more features to make it easier for our customers.

True to our word, we have added two updates to Alerts Applications recently:

Adding Groups to send Messages

This allows to send Messages to the Groups that can be accessed directly under “To Numbers Column.”

You can now choose which groups should receive the specific set of messages. This gives you the added advantage of sending messages to multiple groups in one-go!


Please note that to maintain the consistency and speed, we’ve disabled adding individual numbers alongside groups. In case you wish to add individual numbers, you can add them to the group, so that the same will reflect in your SMS campaign.

Upload Status shown in the Loading Bar

We at Solutions Infini know how annoying it can be if you must upload a large file but cannot see the status of Upload. The new feature rolled out makes your job easy. The Loading bar displays the percentage of file upload giving you the information about the pending amount of upload!

Happily track the progress of file uploads in the progress bar now!

Things to Remember:

  1. Please clear your browser cache (ctrl+f5) if the new updates are not functional.
  2. Please refresh the page and reload in case of any concerns.

Solutions Infini, a Global leader in Cloud communications aims to provide the most complacent services to its esteemed customers. Releasing new updates in one way to show that we care to make it easier and hassle-free for our customers!

That’s the update on updates! More to come in the following weeks!

Watch out for this space to know more about our products or visit our website: https://www.solutionsinfini.com/

Happy to help!