What is transactional service?
By using this service, you can roll out text messages to people who have subscribed your service. The nature of content will be purely transactional/informative in nature.
What is promotional service?
This service is useful in rolling out promotional content or messages to promote your business/ product etc to people.
Note: Promotional messages can’t be sent to DND numbers.
Difference between promotional & transactional service?
Promotional Transactional
Sender-id not required Sender-id required
Template approval not required Template approval required
Any kind of SMS can be sent Only transactional SMS can be sent
What is Unicode?
It is a feature that allows you to send messages in different languages. The messages that are sent in languages other than English are called as Unicode messages.
What is opt-in service?
Opt in service refers to the element of choice you offer to your customers for receiving updates, promotions or roll into a service provided by your company.If a client wants to send SMS from transactional route to unknown subscriber then he need to request the subscribers to opt. Subscriber can send an SMS with keyword to provided number. Once subscriber send an SMS he would be considered under Option group and would be liable to receive SMS.
What is a sender id?
Sender id is the header identification that is seen by the customer on his handset when he receives a text message.
What is the size of sender id?
The sender id should be of 6 characters in length and alphabetical in nature only.
What is customized SMS?
Customized SMSs are used to send personalized messages to different numbers with respect to their names and other details. In other words, these are user for sending different messages to different numbers.
For E.g. - Dear Sudhakar, Your child Prabhu have scored 75% in exams.
How can I see my reports of sent messages?
We have a section called SENT ITEMS on our application where you can view the complete reports for the SMS sent from your account.
How can I extract previous reports?
We have option of REPORTS under section SENT ITEMS from where you can extract the date wise reports of past days. We have facility of extracting reports from our SMS application of last 30 days.
How can I request for a sender id approval?
We have option of MANAGE SENDER ID under section MANAGE ITEMS, Where you have facility of creating a new sender id in your SMS a/c.
Can I save my contacts in SMS a/c?
Yes. You can save all the contacts in a GROUP with name. We have an option called MANAGE GROUP under section MANAGE ITEMS where you can create groups and save contact numbers.
How can I change my SMS account Password?
Under settings section you have a feature of changing the current password of your SMS a/c.
How can I get the API?
You can download the HTTP/XML API document from your SMS a/c under DEVELOPER section.
What is Working Key?
Working key acts as credentials for your SMS a/c to send SMS from API. Working key is mandatory to send messages from API.
How can I generate an API key for my SMS account?
Under DEVELOPER section we have provided a facility of creating API key from where you can generate an API key for your account.
What is IP specific API key?
You can white list your server IP while generating working key from where you would be triggering API. That means if you want to use the HTTP/XML API from a specific Server (IP) only and should not be used by any other server(IP).
What is 2- way messaging?
Two Way Messaging is a platform which allows you to receive and send SMS. This allows you complete flexibility in managing your incoming messages. You can modify/alter or delete these received messages as per your need.
What are types of 2-way messaging?
There are two types of two-way messaging.
a. Short Code
b. Long Code
What is a primary keyword?
Primary keyword is a keyword which would be configured for your company/organization on shared short code for receiving incoming request from subscribers.
Eg: SMS INFINI to 56767 (Here INFINI is a primary keyword)
What is Secondary keyword on Short code?
Secondary Keyword is a sub keyword of primary keyword. Secondary keyword can be created only if you have primary keyword created. Secondary keyword can be created for having validations on campaigns.
E.g. INFINI is a primary keyword. SMS to INFINISMS to 56767 (Here SMS becomes a secondary keyword)
What is Long Code?
Long code also known as “virtual mobile number”, is a reception mechanism used by businesses to receive SMS messages. It is a 10 digit number that is designed for easy to remember and to use for premium services and can work with every operator. On a single number, you can get different keywords which can be your company name or your product name like you see in TV ads {OFFER -> 9900099000} and a premium rate of SMS will be applicable that is setup by cellular operators.
What are types of Long Code?
There is only one dedicated type of long code names “Dedicated long code”.
What is a “Dedicated long code”?
In a dedicated long code, a dedicated number of customer’s choice will be given to a company in which they can create n number of keywords and sub keywords.
De we provide the user interface for Two - way SMS serviced?
Yes, we do provide the user friendly panel for our customers, where you would be able to view the incoming request with complete details like Date & Time, Subscriber Number, Message Content, and Subscriber Origin.
How can I get Reports?
Client can download the reports into excel format from provided login for User interface.
How can I reset my password?
Client will be provided with feature of change password in User interface where he/she will have a privilege of resetting the password.
Can I White Label my application?
Yes you can white label your application with ease
How can I count the number of incoming requests for a particular month?
You can find the total incoming request for every month in the resources tab in the panel.
What is a Trigger Url?
Trigger URL is a URL which connects the application from our server to your server. Our application would trigger the incoming request received on application on real time basis on URL configured.
How can I send a bulk SMS from my app in India?
We have strong & direct Connections with Major operators in India along with a Customisable & Highly scalable API across XML, HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP etc. through which one can easily send bulk sms from app in India.
Can I get services of International Service provider?
Yes we do provide international messaging services with high end deliverability.
Do you provide an API to send OTPs and verification codes to national and international numbers from web platform based in India?
Yes, we provide a dynamic api to send OTPs and verification codes through sms from our web platform to domestic and international numbers.
What is cloud communications?
Cloud communications are Internet-based voice and data communications where telecommunications applications provide a complete telecom framework that works over the internet.
How can I get a SI voice account?
You can get a SI voice account in two ways-
1. You can sign up on our website for the account.
2. You can mail us for demo accounts.
What Features will I get in SI voice platform?
You can get a SI voice account in two ways-
1. Call Conferencing
2. Missed call
3. IVR
4. Call Recordings
5. Toll Free solutions
6. OBD (Bulk Voice SMS)
How can I set up call conferencing for my account?
You have to create one IVR from “NEW” button on the dashboard. A new IVR will be created. Then click on “edit/create call flow” where you will be able to see 12 widgets. You can drag the conference widget from the list to the add widget bar. It will ask for a 4 digit conference pin number which you have to enter. Then click save and assign the numbers to the conferencing panel.

Now you have successfully set up call conferencing for your account.
What is missed call solutions?
Missed call services allows you to give a call to a number that will automatically disconnect after two rings. This service can be used for auto call back and auto reply SMS.
What is click to call?
It is used to make calls to customers with the click of a call button in case a call from customer is missed by agent or the caller. We have 4 ways to perform click to call action:
a) You can make a call from call logs.
b) Adding a customer number in phonebook.
c) You can schedule the click to call to your customers by adding their information in the follow ups.
d) You can also use it by click to call API.
What is IVR?
IVR is an automated response system where you can set a flow for response in accordance with the user inputs and also for forwarding the call to agents or respective departments.
How can I track my daily and weekly activities?
You can track all the call logs along with the daily and weekly usage reports by adding your mail id from settings- notification option in the dashboard.
Can I check recent calls from application panel?
Yes. You can check the call logs from the dashboard itself.
Can I store numbers on a phonebook in the panel?
Yes, you can store numbers by selecting phonebook from the application panel and add numbers to it. Click on the “+” button and add your details.
What are agents?
You can create agents from the panel in order to set restrictions on access for the employees. The agent panel do not have all the access like admin panel.
How many types of analytics can we see in the voice panel?
There are three types of analytics that can be seen from the admin panel namely:
a) Live View
b) Overview
c) Agent Analytics
What is caller overview?
This is a section on the panel that provides details on the live calls and call logs. It provides a detailed info graphical data of the caller location as well.
How can I reset my voice platform password?
You can reset your voice platform password by going to settings-change password option. You can also reset your password by clicking on “Forgot Password” option on the login page.
Do you provide Voice API?
Yes, we provide voice APIs. For detailed documentation you can request us over mail.
When does my number expire?
Every number has an expiry date. You will receive three notification prior to the expiry date of your account so that you can recharge or pay your billed amount for uninterrupted service.
What is Sticky Agent?
Sticky agents allow you to assign a customer to a specific agent only every time he calls.
Do you only provide Telephone number or toll free number?
We provide both telephone numbers and toll free numbers.
Do you sell numbers?
The ownership of the numbers lies solely with solutions Infini, we only provide services for the number.
Can I create multiple IVRs?
Yes you can create multiple IVRs on your panel by clicking on new button.
Can I have more than 2 services in one account?
Yes you can have more than two services in one account. For e.g. - Your can have missed call & IVR services on two different numbers on the same account.
Do you provide plugins?
Yes we provide plugins. Happyfox, click2call and Freshdesk
a) HappyFox & Freshdesk : It is a ticketing tool which you can integrate to your IVR.
b) Click2call: This can be configured on your website for click2call service.
Where can I find the API key?
You can find the API keys in developers option in the dashboard. If it is a new account, then please click on developers and click save. A new API key will be generated for your account.
Can I secure my API key?
Yes, we provide API key and you can restrict the same with IP address.
Do you have click to call APIs for web and mobile applications?
Yes, we have click to call api through which you can trigger a call to a customer by the click of a button.
Do you have a mobile app for voice and sms platforms?
Yes we have mobile apps for SMS and Voice platforms with all the major features embedded in them.
What are Virtual mobile numbers (VMNs)? Do we provide VMN services?
Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) account allows you to receive incoming SMS on a mobile number that is completely virtual. Yes we provide VMN services.
What are the requirements for using VMN service?
The minimum requirements to use your VMN account are as follows:
a) An active VMN account.
b) A valid VMN account Username and Password.
c) A web browser on your computer with an active internet connection.
Can I blacklist contacts for a Virtual mobile number?
Yes a number or a set of numbers can be blacklisted from the VMN account panel
Can I have multiple Virtual numbers configured in one account?
Yes you can add multiple Virtual numbers in one account.
How the priority works for global configuration?
How can I use OBD API?
In order to use our API, you will need to have a system that has internet connectivity. This may be direct internet connectivity or via a firewall or proxy server. The API is implemented using plain URL with all the REST commands: GET, PUT, POST and DELETE
Can we record a conversation over a call from IVR?
Yes, we have a call record widget which enables call recording.
What are the features available in IVR?
The IVR comes loaded with the following features:
a) Missed Call: This widget ends the call at a particular instance
b) Menu: This widget provides a customizable menu with options to the caller.
c) Timing: This widget enables you to set up timings during which you can receive calls or carry out other call related operations.
d) Date & Time: The Date & Time widget lets you set the date/day during which you can receive calls or carry out other call-related operations.
e) SMS: The SMS widget sends out an SMS to a predefined number in the IVR flow. SMS can be sent to the caller or any other desired number.
f) Mail: The Mail widget enables you to send an email to any contact with the desired content and subject in an IVR flow.
g) Hangup: Hangup widget is used to terminate any call flow.
h) Conference: The Conference widget enables you to start a conference call from the stage where the widget is active.
i) Play: This widget plays a sound file that is uploaded by you at a particular stage in IVR.