E Mind

Eazzymind Marketing India Pvt. Ltd., or Emind as it is commonly known as, facilitates mobile phone recharges, DTH recharges and ticket reservation platforms of various operators in India through Mobile Communication Services.

Emind was looking for a mobile phone based solution that would enable them to receive mobile recharge requests on a single number. They also wanted this solution to be easily integrated with their application that carries out mobile recharges instantaneously.

Emind adopted our Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) solution to handle their recharge requests.
Solutions Infini provided them with a completely virtual mobile number that would receive incoming messages and sync these requests with the Emind application. Customers who needed a recharge would get one immediately by sending an SMS with their mobile number, amount and operator details to the VMN. These requests would then be processed by the Emind recharge application and the recharge would be carried out with the respective operator instantly.

Using the VMN service, Emind now receives over 2 lakh recharge requests with more than 3300 unique requests on a monthly basis. The Infibuzz service was easily integrated with the Emind recharge platform and continues to function with more than 99% uptime.