• 07 Sep, 2016 by Yash Sharma
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Cosmic drift- SMS to SMART SMS

Messaging industry found its roots way back when the need for direct communication with customers flashed for effective marketing. Being an economic and prominently personalized method of marketing, SMS industry has thrived over past few years with an average growth rate of 20 % per annum. The current scenario speaks volumes for the effectiveness of sms as a marketing tool as today a majority of sectors be it education, e- commerce, finance, retail and many more taps messaging industry as a key scope for effective reach outs to customers.
Though the biggest user of messaging services is e-commerce, the point to focus is how smarter the sms industry has become and how we can use its true potential for the benefit of enterprise business. An SMS is no longer is just a piece of information shared, it also comes with new age tools like “Txtly”- a URL shortening tool that can also capture customer details like their browser, OS, smartphone etc. Txtly link sent along sms changes the entire scope of what sms can achieve.

There has been a cosmic drift of trends when it comes to how sms works out for businesses. In the present day, SMS not only delivers a piece of information, but with tools like “lookup”, it also gathers customer details like their location, roaming details , operators etc that helps understand customer trends and plan a strategy accordingly. Be it OTPs for transactions or OPTin and OPTout services, the usability of a sms has flown up predominantly.
This wide transformation of SMS into “SMART SMS” has tapped a market of approx. 2 Billion dollars across the world as the current methods uphold, messaging industry has vast potential in the years to come specially for enterprise businesses and new age startups as the need for direct customer interaction never fades out of the picture.