COD is a Great Way to
Build Rapport

Verify orders and increase your ecommerce business’ operational efficiency

Easy and simple plugin to automate telephonic
verification for COD orders for e-commerce
businesses and logistics.


Highly scalable

Highly scalable

Scale up your COD support as your customer base increases.


Automated system

Automated system

Automated system backed by solid tech to prevent human errors .


Multi-level verification

Multi-level verification

Check customer’s availability to pay and receive orders using One Time Password (OTP) and automated Interactive Voice Response ( IVR ) call on customer’s registered mobile number.

COD Order Verification

Benefits that are meant to add value to your ecommerce business

reduce cancellation

Reduce Cancellations

Identify fake orders before shipping from your warehouse and reduce number of cancellations

optimize cost

Optimize operational cost

Reduce cost on attempted deliveries by verifying whether a customer has legitimately placed an order or not


Seamless customer experience

Create a glitch free customer expereience by sending them timely / stagewise updates to track the status off their orders

Thought starters for your business messaging strategy

Reliable, Scalable, Efficient delivery of your Business SMS

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