• 23 Aug, 2016 by Yash Sharma
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Cloud Communications- The new Era

Cloud telephony has emerged as an effective alternative for the traditional voice telephony systems over the recent years. This technology has undergone aggressive expansion in the markets for its practical impact on cost cutting for enterprise businesses without compromising with the features.

If we get in to technical aspect, cloud communication involves usage of voice platforms and telecommunication applications that are hosted by a third party organization who have their independent servers. The cloud telephony service is a kind of data centre hosted services that are accessible over VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). The emergence PSTN connections has firmed the roots of cloud telephony deep and strong as the voice services can now be accessed in a more secure environment with a notable reduction in cost as compared to the orthodox telephonic equipment. The reason why this technology is termed as “cloud telephony” lies with the fact that the cloud communications companies provides and hosts their own server and provides it’s access to their customers. Since the customers have to pay for exactly what they use, the cloud technology establishes it’s accountability of being a cost effective business solution.

Cloud telephony comes with key utilities prominent among which low cost of setting up a communication architecture for an organization. For any new age start up or a small or medium sized business, getting a subscription based cloud voice telephony setup is way more cheaper than installing traditional telephonic equipment or building an in house communication infrastructure. Moreover, the Cloud telephony providers will have systems build with expertise which will account for providing more features with low costs.


Solutions Infini assists businesses with enterprise cloud communication solutions across the country. We have strong direct operator connections along with regional partners, making Solutions Infini the most effective cloud telephony solutions company in India. With strong hold on the international communication network, our highly scalable platform has driven us to be the fastest growing cloud communications company across Asia.

We provide diverse voice features like call conferencing, missed call services, click2call etc. over cloud infrastructure to more than 6000 customers. Solutions Infini has contributed extensively towards the cloud telephony market in India with its highly scalable voice platform with simplified operations at customer’s end. We provide a dynamic API to customers through which they can operate a virtual data centre with telephony services over a VPN. The API is easy to integrate with any application framework and provides services that can be availed virtually. Solutions Infini has broadened the scope of cloud communication with a user friendly UI for the customer end and ad hoc PSTN connection management systems at the backend.

We strive to simplify enterprise communication requirements by providing all the utilities of the voice platforms over a single dashboard. Apart from this, we also have need specific customizations that we develop for an organization after thorough need analysis that help solve major communication challenges for businesses.