Case Studies

Solutions Infini has made tremendous impact boosting up the enterprise growth. The dynamic and powerful messaging solutions suits government, banks, small and large sized customers and developers. These Messaging solutions can do wonders that shape up your organization.

  • E-commerce

    Our messaging solutions bring the sellers and buyers more near, simplify the instant CRM process and the other business activities.

  • Banking and Finance

    Our SMS messaging solutions provide an efficient and secured messaging platform to send alerts, real time transactional details, payment requests and one time passwords (OTP) to the customers.

  • Loyalty Programs

    Our SMS messaging solutions are so reliable that can send in alerts, custom greetings or wishes to the customers covering various segments.

  • Travel and Tourism

    SMS messaging solutions help notifying the passengers on any delays, send push messages about accommodation availability on customer location, ticket confirmations.

  • Marketing

    SMS messaging being the most effective marketing tool can reach the millions customers in person.

  • Retail

    SMS can influence the retail in house business process and customers about the sales offers, status of their orders and shipping details.