Solutions Infini helps to make GOSF spectacular this year.

Many online sites are gearing up for a surge in business with a fortnight of discounts Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF), the first Cyber Monday-like shopping spree put together by Google for Indian consumers, is just about to happen from 10th to 12th of December. With the allure being that the deals would reflect those found on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the two biggest sale days in the USA.


Previous year GOSF reported around 2 million visitors, currently there are more E-commerce companies and more online shoppers. These companies are surely looking to break into the past figures, seek for first-time shoppers. In additional many E-commerce, companies have planned for various engagement activities through different media with targeted, segmented campaigns. Discovering the high mobility they turned their lens towards the bulk SMS solutions to scale up peak campaign and high visibility of the GOSF.  We were asked by one of the leading e-commerce players to build a superior SMS marketing solution that can send SMS to a nearly crore data-centric in 60 minutes. They believe SMS can drive a higher level of impact and conversion in every manner. They believe these are often thought as standalone channels with little integration in terms of messaging and CTAs.

We accept make to order SMS solutions, going ahead we crafted the needful in some time keeping all consideration towards the successful service.

How did we build it?

We at Solutions infinite dig into all required technology insights and redefine the built-in house platforms. To increase the normal SMS throughput, we have scaled up our gateway servers and infrastructures. Intelligently enhanced the SMS gateways with the load optimization, custom & smart network- routing to handle confirmations and acknowledgments. Thus Framing the SMS gateways that can handle and deliver SMSs in a crore mobile phones in just a span of 60 minutes. We care about each and every message sent and we want you to get the best response possible from the campaigns. Offline Industry is in our wish list too.