SMS – The King of Mobile Messaging


SMS is here to stay!

Don’t hold back thinking that SMS has reached its end. The short messaging service SMS has been the most typical and successful non-voice service till now. Its charm of getting your attention still exist. Even now, you bat an eye when the text message strikes your phone. The fact is that despite the growing outsized SMS alternatives, we all depend on SMS for its different avatars.
You must be thinking that SMS used alone for instant messaging. Well, you’re wrong! It’s also a revenue key generator in many different ways for the business. SMS being instantly used in the mobile marketing and has made a huge impact on the enterprise growth. Every year stories of the demise of this 160-character service are thick in the air, and every year SMS usage continues to grow as more uses are found for this once ignored service. The key to the success of SMS has been its simplicity, reach, price and reliability.

Companies offering downloads for ringtones/wallpapers/games use SMS as a marketing tool a lot more frequently, SMS offering such products, people subscribe for entertainment/media companies i.e. movies, music etc, And not only the new Application that comes in market are featured with SMS. Appointment reminders, payment confirmations, and more recently to deliver one-time passwords for two-factor authentication and provide real-time alerts and what not.

In the coming days, regardless of the cost of texting, with the high-speed change in the mobile word, SMS traffic will grow 40% by 2016 across the globe. SMS usage continues to increase campaigns and growth every year with more and more new innovative ways of utilizing its potential coming to the forefront.