M-Banking! Simplified banking Solutions for the smart era.

Smart phones , tablets and Note Books. With every passing day the gizmos get more buoyant. When every thing is driven on an application platform, why should daily monetary matters be done the old fashioned way? Financial institutions are taking daily transactions to another level with mobile banking. Now, your smart phones will check off another chore in your list in under a minute. No more running to the bank and waiting in long queues. Mobile banking is the system that allows customers make financial transactions over mobile devices. This is employed to review transactions, transfer funds, pay bills and check account balance via a mobile device. In its advent, it was just confined to simple SMS banking but gradually with the introduction of smart phones, mobile banking has a much broader definition. Today it is offered over browsers and dedicated applications.

Banks should be canny in their services and aim to give their customers the best of the facilities. Mobile banking is the way to go! It is a synonym for anytime banking. This way customer gets to bank anywhere, anytime. Today most people prefer mobile banking as it is easy, convenient and its available 24/7 ergo it is the ideal choice for transactions. Ask any tech-savvy customer and he will say that Mobile Banking is simply “cash on the go”. When we talk about how smooth mobile banking is, you might counter with security issues. Fret not! Mobile banking involves layered security with password confirmations followed by PIN confirmations. When amounts exceed the limit during transactions another layer of security pitches in to sends out One- time -passwords to customers via SMS. All you need to do is bury the password and your PIN in a place where nobody can sniff it.

If you are a Financial Institution looking to revamp your MO, you need to go the M-Banking way! At SI we have an excellent and versatile banking platform called INFINEO that will integrate with any customer database in a jiffy. While looking for the ideal platform to launch your M-Banking, first you need to make sure it has an easy to use UI. Next comes “Functionalities”. The platform must provide comprehensive reports of SMS transactions done by your clientele, so that you know what you are accountable for. Key words are a great way to simplify M-banking, any platform you choose must offer Keyword management facilities. Apt administrative controls must be available, further more a strict and concrete access control is required so that no account information will be breached. INFINEO does all this and more. We provide an efficient queue management system and tag each account with a priority flag for a clever delivery mechanism. SMS will be sent to customers on their request for account balance information. It will send out an SMS each time a credit/debit card is swiped further more it sends SMS reminders about due dates and low balance. Customers can enjoy the comfort of OTP during transactions of large amounts. Clever solutions like – block stolen card, stop cheque request, track cheque status and credit/debit alerts over a simple SMS are available.

So, do you want to make your business tech-savvy? Do you want all the pecuniary strings at the tip of your fingers? Do you need your transactions summarized into a short SMS? You may find your peace in M-Banking! Be it a Financial institution or a customer, M-Banking will make things simple and quick. Institutions can provide coffer services perpetually while customers live in the luxury of its simplicity.


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Mobile Banking! Banking on the go!