• 23 Feb, 2018 by Pooja AV
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Control Your Incoming Calls!

How much control do you have over your incoming calls?

Customers are very important for Businesses, whether it a large MNC or SME that you own. Providing customer centric service is of utmost importance. Customers are nothing less than a lifeline when it comes to businesses. To bring in more business, addressing every customer’s call becomes the chief aim. Satisfied customers have the potential to bring in more business. Not maintaining a high-quality call management often results in affecting the brand adversely.

Any take on why this happens? Let’s see!

Calls are met with great enthusiasm and response during the initial days. Every issue, irrespective of how small or big, is resolved with great fervor. But the pattern changes as businesses grow and more customers need to be attended. As more number of employees start responding to the massive volume of calls, the quality of handling incoming calls dwindles. Customer queries are met with inconsistency with businesses taking the brunt for it. To make matters worse, the management/administration has no control over the information about number of calls received, which agent handled the calls, what solution was suggested. This mostly happens because calls are handled directly on employee’s private number.

Let’s take an example of marketing campaigns. Most businesses run campaigns through a wide array of channels like TV, radio, print, social media etc. Often a toll-free number is provided for the customers to get in touch with the businesses. Campaigns that run on various platforms attracts huge amount of incoming calls. A great deal of potential customers are missed when the toll-free number provided lacks the capacity to handle massive incoming calls. The calls answered too might not give you details of issues resolved, queries raised, information about the agent who handled the calls. This information provides vital call details to process the issues further.

Is there a solution to these issues faced by Businesses?

To resolve these issues, businesses can engage customers in a simple yet effective way. A Cloud call centre could be used to engage customers. A customized IVR flow can be created to greet, interact, and record all incoming, outgoing calls. Cloud Telephony services helps to route, record, resolve and track every single query raised by customer. It’s the perfect solution for SMEs and large businesses too.


The traditional office PBX or EPBAX systems have limited functionality in terms of manual managed office receptionist system as against the Cloud Telephony systems where majority of the processes is on auto receptionist mode.

Customers can be greeted round the clock using automated IVR responses. Calls can be quickly routed to the concerned departments and they can be recorded for further quality and assessment purposes too. Cloud telephony usually is a hassle-free call center. It does not require physical space, cables, hardware and can be set up in under a minute.

Cloud telephony is much more than just handling incoming calls. The firms which provide these services usually provide a pay-as-you-go pricing. The business owners get the complete control on all the incoming calls received, queries escalated, details of agents who handled the calls, call recordings and much more to improve customer experience.

Who can I rely on to provide such solution?

Solutions Infini stands at the forefront offering a variety of Cloud telephony products in the SMS, Voice and email platforms. Infini SMS powers the campaigns and ensures to reach a wider target audience. Infini Voice allows customization of Business Call center with a host of features available to make the user experience smooth for customer and clients alike. With Cloud telephony businesses can now stay worry free and have complete control over their call center with real-time monitoring and detailed analytics.


Go ahead and get a greater control over your calls! Use Cloud Telephony products and services that is currently most essential for modern day technology enabled businesses.

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