• 13 Oct, 2017 by Manas
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SMS Marketing Do’s and Don’ts – 4 Corners of Bulk SMS Marketing

One of the many needs of big businesses is to get across to a majority of its customers in real time, or at the same time. Formerly, text messages were used only to chat with friends, but now it has been transformed into a necessary business tool. It exceeds getting across to only existing customers; these businesses also need avenues to get to potentials customers. This is where SMS Marketing comes inSMS marketing, also known as Bulk SMS is a great tool used in getting across to both existing and potential customers, instantly. When done correctly, it is the major boost the business needs to communicate with its customers, as it helps build a list of interested customers, helps the business receive inquiries from customers, helps business get across to customers effectively like when sending reminders, helps business send confirmations which help build customer satisfaction and customer relation, the short codes are easy to remember so the customer can easily communicate with the business and this has helped boost response rate.

Why SMS Marketing works?

  1. Traditionally, messages were just blasted to as many people as possible, but with SMS marketing, the consumers have to choose to opt-in; which clearly means that the target customers would have at some point agreed to receive messages about your services and deals before you can start sending them. SMS marketing being opt-in has a major benefit which is that, for every consumer that signs up for your messages, you will know that they are very much interested in your product. Another benefit is that you don’t waste resources sending messages to uninterested customers.
  2. It is more effective: Due to the nature of the relationship people share with their phones, people can’t resist checking their phones ones there is a new notification. Formerly emails used to work, but these days, we go for days sometimes weeks without checking our emails.

    Based on given numbers by venturebeat.com, the open rate of promotions by SMS marketing is 98% against that of emails which are a mere 22%.

  3. The major success of the SMS marketing lies in its speed and brevity, for both the business and the target audience. Unlike length emails, that may have attachments and links, SMS messages are very short and can be read quickly by the customer. The brevity ensures that the message is straight to the point for the consumer and reduces time spent on planning deciding what message to send on the business’s side.
  4. It’s considerably cheap and interactive. The price efficiency makes it suitable for both start-ups and already established businesses. There are different bulk mail providers with varying prices, but no matter the provider you work with, you will be able to send thousands of messages every month at very low rates. The main cost determinants are the price per text and renting the keywords, but typically it costs between $15-$50 every month per keyword. Keep it in mind that the more you send, the less you’d have to pay for each text. The essence of bulk messaging is to engage the customers, and there are many ways through which this can be done such as making a service toll-free reply service for the customers, and they can reply if they have questions, to subscribe or opt-out.

Who uses SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is used and can be used for any business, from really big companies to startups, any business can take advantage of this in connecting with its audience. The result of using this rightly is growth in revenues. Small Businesses use this service to establish a connection with its audience, real estate companies use it to send our access to property listings and communicate with house hunters on setting up appointments and other requested information, bars and clubs use it to send out passes, or entry tickets,  retail shops use it to send coupons and send out information on exclusive offers.  As clearly seen, SMS Marketing has no limits!

Safe Practices while using SMS Marketing

As a business, it is also advised that you take permission from the customer(s) before you proceed in enlisting them for SMS Marketing, you should also inform them that fees may apply and lastly, always give them the option of opting out. Though SMS marketing might not get your promotions to as many people as other traditional ways might have, but it will get your promotions directly to customers who are interested in you product.  Here is how it works, when customers want to receive messages from a business, they send a particular short code to a number provided by the business. So when the customer opt-in, a confirmation SMS is sent with some details on how to opt-out and other necessary details.

What is the future of SMS Marketing?

Born in 1992 and still evolving with our everyday life, SMS marketing is here to stay, yes more ways for branding promotions to customers will be developed but regarding efficiency and the other benefits that come with SMS marketing, it is more likely that SMS marketing with keep on growing with us.

Best time for Sending Mesages

You should also consider a suitable time to send your promotional messages to your audience;

Best Time For Sending Bulk Messages

  1. Avoid sending the messages on Mondays; nobody likes them as Mondays have shown the least response rate of all days in the week
  2. Avoid rush hours; typically the 6 am – 9 am then 4 pm – 7:30 pm. People don’t have the time to check their phones at these particular times.
  3. Keep the time zone of your audience in mind, so you don’t send the message early in the mornings or too late at night.
  4. You can send holiday messages, this also helps

Why SMS Marketing is important?

Be an established business or a starter, the very essence of getting across to your audience and knowing those interested in your product/ service is to pass information, and so far SMS Marketing has proven to be the most reliable means of achieving this goal. It is cost efficient and fast, straight to the point, build better relationship between the business and the audience.

Upto you ….

There you have it, the benefits, advantages and do’s & don’ts of SMS marketing. Ready to get started with your own campaign? Signup for a free trial of Solutions Infini’s SMS marketing tool today.