• Power of communication

  • Text, voice and e-mail

  • Communicate globally

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A Mobile Services Cloud To Reach Billions Worldwide

  • InfiBuzz

    Powerful SMS APIs and Gateways to take your message to media dark regions across India.

  • Look Up

    Get to know which mobile number is ported? Roaming? Active? And improve the health of your database.

  • Dialstreet

    Give your business the voice it deserves. Power your business voice communications with Dialstreet.

  • InfiNeo

    The perfect platform to build a comprehensive mobile banking experience using Voice, SMS and Email.

  • Premium Network Connectivity

    Worldwide coverage through premium and direct routes

  • Developer API

    Our Smartly designed HTTP, SMPP, XML and more APIs easily integrate to your application.

  • Download Reports

    Download the useful description on your voice and messaging activities.

  • Scale on Demand

    Use at your desire and pay for what you used

  • Voice and SMS

    Providing Voice and SMS services on a single platform

  • Fancy Analytics

    Clear and graphical analytics to make you understand clear

  • Assured Data Security

    The best security measures for all of your data

  • Made-to-order Solutions

    One suite for SMS and Voice built to your request

  • 24/7 Technical Support

    Round-the-clock assistance for all your queries

The World Wants To Hear From You

We help over 5000 businesses worldwide with their communications.
Talk about any place on the world map, with our 1000+ operator-strong connectivity,
we can get your message or voice across seamlessly.


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